Data Visualization

Analyze volumes of data and communicate clearly and efficiently through world-class visualizations 

Understand your business performance drivers
Gather insights through analytical presentation
Convert insights into actions

Data Visualization

Data visualizations make your vast amounts of data more accessible and understandable, using charts and graphs to tell stories and answer questions about your business. Dot vision analytics helps individuals/ businesses offer solutions to build visualizations that will narrate what is happening in your data through exploration data and also explain the trends likely to help find a story through the data. We also construct complex analytical presentations that would cater to the right audience to influence the decision-makers. Tools that transform data into visualizations have come to the forefront in recent years, replacing the text-based reports to which we are accustomed.
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The key scenarios that need to be addressed in visualizations and dashboards include:

– Why you should always start with questions

– How to choose the appropriate chart type

– How to design useful and engaging dashboards

– Identify trends, comparison, and performance towards goals and objectives

– Diagnose what’s not going as expected and spot outliers.

What’s in it for you? 

– Understand your data, connect to your data,

– Explore, analyze, and visualize your data 

– Quickly identify performance towards goals and objectives

– Clearly point out that something deserves attention

– Suggest what action needs to be taken to monetize your business or optimize costs.

– Discover the untapped potentials of your business

– Construct informed decisions based on data-driven facts and align to your business domain.

– Automate self – service capabilities to monitor your business performance


Who should leverage our service?

– Companies or individuals who lack the analytics expertise or bandwidth to produce insights.

– Companies that have plenty of data but have basic knowledge to contruct visualisations/dashboards.

– Companies or individuals that have a story but are not effective in influencing decision makers.

– Non analytical teams

Our Solutions

We assist any companies  , regardless of the size of your company and sources of your data (e.g. spreadsheets, .csv files, databases, data warehouse, etc.).

World class experiences in tools usage such as

– Power BI

– Tableau

– Excel dashboards

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