Data Storytelling

To be able narrate the plot of your data analysis to executives by knowing what questions you want to answer and how you will answer them

Better understand your business
Make better decisions based on data
Better understand your business Make better decisions based on data Encourage critical thinking for your business decisions

Data Storytelling

Story telling is an incredibly effective way to communicate valuable insights and assign meaning and context to data that otherwise lives as numbers in a dashboard, excel or a powerpoint. Data storytelling allows companies to extract and communicate insights through compelling stories to individuals who are from non technical or non analytical background. If you aren’t sure, it’ll be harder to communicate your findings in a way them. We take complete ownership buy preparing richful content through analytical presentations that are interactive and are crisp, we align the narratives to your business domain expertise and produce the recommendations that would harness your organisation’s return on investment. We at Dotvision Analytics also help and train you to make sense of your data and tell stories that drive better decision-making, action, and results
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What’s in it for you?

– Actionable insights to optimize business: Organizations who lack the analytics expertise or bandwidth to produce insights and communicate effectively often fail.

– With data storytelling consulting, you’ll be able extract critical insights that can help inform your efforts to optimize business performance.

– Energize critical thinking to spread knowledge: Data storytelling will help you to not only uncover more insights about your business but also communicate them effectively within your organization. When insights are communicated in a clear and effective manner, there’s an increased likelihood they’ll be understood, embraced, and acted on.

– Drive a Data-driven culture across teams for sustainability: We demonstrate to companies the power of communicating insights efficiently. By showing the potential of well-crafted data stories, it’ll inspire people across your organization to uncover and share insights from diverse areas of the business. In the process, it’ll also foster greater data literacy as more people embrace data storytelling ​

Who should leverage our services?

– Companies or individuals who lack the analytics expertise or bandwidth to produce insights.

– Companies that have plenty of data but have basic knowledge to contruct visualisations/dashboards.

– Companies or individuals that have a story but are not effective in influencing decision makers.

– Non analytical teams

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