Data Analytics

Translate data into actions that drive business outcomes

Derive business insights and measure performance
Fix Problems and tap into opportunities
Maximize your returns strategy by making data-driven decisions

Data Analytics

Organizations make significant investments in various business intelligence and analytical tools and platforms, although are yet to make positive returns on their investments. Some of them may even lack the analytics expertise or specialists to perform exploratory data analysis constantly.

We not just allow businesses to consume information from reports and dashboards, but also extract actionable insights that would help drive the organizations forward and being data driven.


What’s in it for you?

– Identify and diagnose what’s not working and recommend what should be done

– Targeted Insights: While automated reports or dashboards provide an array of useful information, they typically generate questions, not answers. This is why performing analysis and generating insights are essential.

– Simulate scenarios for effective decision making :It is when leadership plans and layers a hypothesis which needs to be actually executed to harness effective results. In the initial stages, the impact might be unknown. Showcasing the value add results by creating what if scenarios would enable leaders to execute a plan for their business strategy.​

– Optimise Constantly :  More questions arise as and when new insights or recommendations are shared . As every insight brings in new information,  your organization will be  deepening its knowledge of its customers, operations, employees, and its strategies.  It’ll also have specific recommendations for how it can optimize different aspects of the business​

– Levy Exploratory analysis : The primary goal is to maximize the insights into a data set , enhance data touch points, identify the underlying structure of a data set, and mining the information, that would tap into new opportunities to look into. We create an analytical optic lens for the company to tap into unexplored areas which could potentially add to the  return of investment (ROI)

Who should leverage our service:

– Organizations who lack the analytics expertise or bandwidth to perform exploratory data analysis or advanced data analytics on a regular basis. 

– Start ups

– Non analytical teams 

– Teams that have plenty of data but do not have expertise or skill to extract actionable insights for their business sustainability.

What solutions do we offer? 

– Discover and align objectives

– perform basic and complex analysis

– provide recommendations

– constructing, managing and measuring Key Performance Indicators.

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